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Article: Our Service & Installation

Our Service & Installation - Kit Buildings

Our Service & Installation

Installation Instructions

We provide installation instructions for each and every building manufactured, which are delivered along with the building to site. We have dedicated construction teams who can complete any installation from a custom design to a standard style building. Our teams are fully trained with safety and quality as their top priorities.
We collaborate closely with Steel Building Installers who will offer you a detailed quotation for the installation of your building. These installers are well-acquainted with our projects, ensuring a thorough understanding of the building specifications. SBI is dedicated to upholding the principles and implementing all construction health and safety legislation, including the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2007. These regulations serve as the cornerstone for our current site safety planning initiatives.
Steel Building Installers Ltd
Phone: 01638 485 048
Mobile: 07849 671 965

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Our PVC Buildings - Kit Buildings

Our PVC Buildings

We offer a range of PVC buildings Aircraft Hangers If you own an aircraft, for either commercial or private use, regardless of the type or size, you will want to have a secure and safe place to sto...

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Our New Building Configurator - Kit Buildings

Our New Building Configurator

Our Building Configurator  Coming Soon Design and build your ideal steel building with our user friendly, innovative, steel building configurator. Our Building Configurator is a web-based applicati...

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