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Article: Our New Building Configurator

Our New Building Configurator - Kit Buildings

Our New Building Configurator

Our Building Configurator 

Coming Soon

Design and build your ideal steel building with our user friendly, innovative, steel building configurator.

Our Building Configurator is a web-based application for interactively configuring pre-engineered buildings. For companies offering pre-engineered buildings, structures, or other items that can have their dimensions or other attributes customised, the Kit Building Configurator can be very useful.

Customers and businesses can use this tool to create bespoke buildings which will be sent to our team for quotation. 

Please note: This building configurator is designed for our standard economical building range. If you require a more specific individual building design, then please complete a detailed enquiry request, or call us to discuss your building requirements.

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Our Service & Installation - Kit Buildings

Our Service & Installation

Installation Instructions We provide installation instructions for each and every building manufactured, which are delivered along with the building to site. We have dedicated construction teams wh...

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